2015 – Non-New Year’s resolutions

Whilst I don’t generally do New Year’s resolutions, however, after winning a digital competition at work just before Christmas and really falling back in love with all things social media I vowed to start a blog and claim this little corner of the Internet as my own. I wanted to explore the different ways I’m finding my moments of clarity and headspace in the big city – whether it’s when I’m running on the riverside, drinking hot chocolate (or wine!) with my best friends, cooking or crafting, or just walking, wherever I am.

So I suppose a welcome is in order, and as the most non-committal person ever, here’s me promising to you that I’ll keep it up! It’s always easier to make a habit when you’re being watched…

As we hurtle at full speed into 2015 I wanted to share a handful of the things I want to achieve this year, not resolutions as such, but loose goals!

1. Learn how to use my camera better – I need to stop relying on my iPhone and make the effort to get out there and capture the best of what’s going on around me. This definitely means chasing more sunsets.

2. Learn how to Clay Pigeon Shoot – I’ve finally decided that it’s something that shouldn’t just be left to the boys, so want to take lessons and give them a run for their money.

3. Visit at least two new countries – Following a weekend break to Venice at the end of last year I want to broaden my European horizons a bit and see cities and places I’ve never been.

4. Just keep walking – it’s one of the easiest ways I find to get some clarity in a busy schedule.

5. Keep up with the blog!

Happy 2015 all – hopefully we’ll all be ticking off our Non-New Year’s resolutions as the year progresses.




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