January Clarity… not so easy to come by after all!

I started January with a very clear mind… full of motivation and ideas on how 2015 was going to be a year for achievements beyond the usual – so far not so impressive, it’s all I could manage to keep up with work, gyming and my friends!

As with many weeks of my life as a busy PR, preparations and execution of events, the ever overflowing inbox and keeping my head sane and above water, avoiding succumbing to the January Blues has been taking up most of my time, with the remainder being spent with friends!

I have been thinking of you guys though, every day, and have come up with ideas of what I want to write about (there are several half drafted blogposts which definitely need my attention this weekend!), but also I have been just about managing to find my headspace, mainly through a lot of very frosty walking – it’s jolly chilly in London at the moment, and I’m waking every morning to find my Velux frozen over! So I just wanted to share a couple of snaps from my walks over the last couple of weeks…

View from the Deodarian box at the Royal Opera House when seeing Alice and Wonderland

Safely say this dude is nailing his commute...

Frosty sunrise on Putney Bridge

Twinkly lights on Albert Bridge

A dramatic sunrise walking across Putney Bridge

However, I’m getting out of the city this weekend and heading back to Dorset to see my Parents – so there will be lots of lovely recipe and other posts ready for the coming weeks!



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