First Time Framer – Body at Frame Shoreditch

At the beginning of the month I won five free classes at Frame – a breed of fitness studio like no other, with classes that put an emphasis on strength backed by a pumping soundtrack, ensuring the minutes whizz past in a blur of sweat, and the good kind of burn! I’m a sucker for a new challenge, and having been in a bit of an exercise rut for over a week, getting very bored of everything that usually got me hyped up and ready to go, so trying something new is exactly what I needed! Sometimes everyone needs to mix up their routines to really push to see what your body can do. Boy was I totally oblivious to what I was letting myself in for.

Frame have a huge range of classes for you to pick from, the choice and descriptions are really a good way to help get excited and ultimately figure out what’s going to get your heart racing and find your ideal workout groove!

Most will find themselves spoilt for choice and you’ll probably fall into a session with a whole bunch of like-minded people, all aiming for the same thing.  Despite what the press may say, it’s not a cartoon parade, or at all intimidating. In fact the whole atmosphere is really informal and friendly,  with a huge emphasis on wellness, and naturally refueling your body post-workout – think super laid back, Shoreditch warehouse setting with lots of great healthy recipe and lifestyle books for you to peruse whilst you wait and plenty of healthy snacks and refreshing drinks on sale.

Its signature set are aimed at helping you get the fit, strong body you want through a combo of cardio and  strength exercises, stripping fat and building tone, and led by a team of motivating, passionate instructors (be fully prepared to get fitness crushes at every turn!).

It’s 80’s rave, club night and music video (yes, you can learn Beyonce’s routines…) dance sessions enable you to boogie and burn away for an hour without even realising it!

To top it off, there are all sorts of yoga classes adorable to help lengthen and stretch out those lovely muscles, and find some inner calm in your hectic schedules.

I opted to try out the signature BODY class for my first time at the studio (although have since signed up to ‘Abs and Ass’ and ’80’s Aerobics’) and definitely succeeded in finding something to put my body through it’s paces… I can reliably report that I dripped sweat throughout endless sets of dynamic squats, weighted cardio, tough stretches and mountain climbers, and felt burn and stretch in all the right places, but didn’t once want to give up. I was totally taken with it! The instructor (Jodie) kept my attention for the whole 60 minutes, leaving me wanting to be an absolute teacher’s pet in the front row and I left (after making the most of their rather slick showers and changing rooms) on an absolute high, feeling in in tip top condition for my evening out in Bristol.

These 5 classes came courtesy of The Debrief (one of my favourite lunchtime browsing sites), although I can safely say I’ll continue to go once I’ve used them all up!

Watch this space for further news from my experiences at Frame – this week’s going to be a big one on the fitness front!



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