A January retrospective… What KID did!

Happy Tuesday my lovelies – how on earth is it February already?! The weeks are whizzing by and although I know that I’m cramming a lot into my days and weeks at the moment, I still can’t help feeling pressured that I’m not achieving enough  the curse of being super competitive, even if it’s only with myself!

It’s been a month of ups and downs, a few fun firsts, some good quality girl time and some serious thinking about getting my head in order. Despite all the best intentions I’ve really struggled to maintain some sort of balance amongst the emotions of change, taking on several new projects and the urge to hibernate in the dark long evenings. However after a slight mind overhaul (only 3 weeks into the year… I was clearly not doing very well!) I’m feeling far better, my mind is clearer and February is set to be a much better month. I’m allowed to start the year a month late right?!

So here’s my January highlights, in statistical form…

1 x trip to the Ballet at the Royal opera house

Royal opera house

1 x afternoon tea

afternoon tea

1 x week sugar free (post-afternoon tea natch…)

1 x new fitness initiative at work (more about that in a post to come at the end of this week)

Marlin gets fit

1 x new shiny gadget

Galaxy Tab 3

1 x day out shooting with my Daddy

Countryside selfie

1 x first ever matcha green tea

Matcha latte

2 x BNOs (big nights out. obvs.)

Girls night

And – 2 x baking experiments, 3 x weekends out of London (two in Dorset and one in Bristol), 3 x brand new exercise classes experienced at Frame, 3 x runs in the freezing cold, as well as many, many miles walked…

Putney sunrise

Here’s to February. Beautiful things are on the horizon!



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